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Booking Policy

When booking an appointment you agree that you understand the below terms and will obey them. Studio Lash Boutique holds the right to block you from future bookings or charge your card if you fail to follow the policies.


When booking online or via dm you will be asked to input your bank card details into either your confirmation message or before you book to protect my business against no shows and last minute cancellations. I will not be able to send my address until this is done


As i am busy cancellation or rescheduling with less then 48 hours notice will be charged a full service fee to your saved card to ensure my business can keep running


Cancellation with more then 48h notice will not be charged anything


No shows will be taken seriously and a full fee will be charged to your saved card


If you are 10 or more mins late it will be classed as a no show and i will not be able to continue with the service. this will also be charged as a full service fee


All sales are final and refunds will not be given however in the rare case a client is unhappy a free touch up may be offered


failure to pay for any of the above will result in being banned from booking again

Late Fees


If in the circumstance you are late there are fees involved. This is to encourage people to arrive on time.


In circumstances of an emergency, these will be waived.


For every 5 mins you are late a $5 fee will be charged


if you are a repeat offender of being late you will not be able to book again

Grace period

if in the rare case, you have excessive lash shedding within the first 48h after your appointment a free touch-up will be given.


photo evidence or details may be asked for before organising an appointment

this is also given that the correct after care has been followed

Dirty Lashes


If you arrive to your appointment with lashes in bad condition a $10 cleaning fee could be charged if excessive cleaning needs to be done. At the start of every service a complimentary lash bath is included.


if your lashes have not been well kept and are no longer refillable there is the chance i will need to remove them and start over


lash cleansing kits for home are encouraged to be purchased by all my clients to ensure this doesn't happen. each kit is $25



After Hours


all after-hour's appointments will be charged a $15 fee. my opening hours can be found in my ig story highlights "availability"



When booking for a refills appointment please ensure you have at least 50% of your extensions left. this will be judged once all grown out extensions have been removed


If you feel it may be a full set please book it as a full set and not as a refill as i will not have enough time


Refills can be done anytime between 1-3weeks anything after 3 weeks will be classed as a full set no matter how many lashes you have left. this is because most of them would have grown out and will need to be removed.


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